Everything has to start somewhere

I kept a digital diary for some years but that got lost. Thought a blog might be a good idea, for my family at least.

My name is Peter and I’m 57. A barrow boy is a costermonger. Look it up. I never was one but all will be revealed…

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4 Responses to Everything has to start somewhere

  1. Don Ray says:

    And there is nowhere better to start than right where you did.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Tx for the heads up, Don. Your instructions are very useful.

  3. You have started with flying colors. I’ve real all your early posts and they are A+. Will blogroll your blog to my site.

    Don Ray from “Chiriqui Chatter” guided me to your blog. I’m glad he did.

    Greeting from Panama City in Central America. Are you located in Costa Rica?



  4. thebarrowboy says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Omar. I enjoy writing but it’s hard to find the time (I’m not retired). Don is my technical adviser (ad honorem, bless ‘im). His little guide is a real help. For people who are half-way computer literate, it isn’t that difficult. In a few weeks, I should be able to post more quickly. I do like to include photos and have lots.

    I have been living in David for 2+ years.

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