In search of lost time

It just occurred to me that that might have been a good name for the blog, albeit a mite pretentious. I bought a new translation of Proust’s Swann’s Way a few months ago. For years I’ve told myself I must read it but every time I try I just get stuck. I’m sure the experts are right about Proust’s importance as a writer but it is very heavy going…

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5 Responses to In search of lost time

  1. Don Ray says:

    This caused me to browse the Internet to find out something about the book. I may have to get a copy and read it.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    I’ll lend you mind and we’ll see how far you get…!

  3. Don Ray says:

    Hahahahah. Sounds like a challenge.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Hi Pete,

    I love your pics of you as a little boy! I’m looking forward to the teenage years next!

  5. thebarrowboy says:

    I have tons of photos and my mum has lots more. This is a long-term project and will take time.

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