Bladon website

Some years ago I was contacted by Helena Coney (neé Bladon) who has spent many years compiling the Bladon family tree. She now has a website here. Helena and I are from different branches of the family. Around the mid-19th century my branch moved to London from Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. The version of the tree I have begins with Mary Bladon, born in 1798.

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3 Responses to Bladon website

  1. Helena says:

    Great blog! Keep p the good work and maybe we will find a connection between our trees someday!


  2. Henry Mantell says:

    I wondered where those Bladons in Burton upon Trent came from! Great blog. It is going to interesting to see why the move to Burton apart from the obvious large employment of the industrialisation of brewing and the town. Helena has the broad view of the Bladon surname.
    If it helps all Bladons born, married or deceased between Sep 1837 and 1983 are transcribed on Free BMD, so you should be able to locate all civil registration index entries.

  3. thebarrowboy says:

    Thanks Helena and Henry. It will be interesting to see what else is uncovered in the years ahead.

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