This is a photo of the wedding of Ethel’s maternal uncle, Will Lockyer, who was Mayor of Lambeth during World War 2. The wedding took place on 3 August 1914 (just before the outbreak of World War 1) at the parish church of St. Paul, Covent Garden. Designed by Inigo Jones, this church has a rich history and is known as “The Actors’ Church” because of its associations with the theater community. Wiki has an entry with photgraphs here. The wedding photo was taken on the rear steps of the church.

Will married Alice Ling and they had two sons, Don and Keith. Ethel was a bridesmaid (she is the fourth adult along in the front row, from left to right). I believe she is standing next to her mother Emma (third in from the left).  Behind and to the left of Will is his brother Alfred. Behind and to the left of Alfred is Harry. The chief bridesmaid standing between Ethel and Will is Ethel Ling, Alice’s sister. To the right of the photo are the Lings, namely Hannah Ling (Alice’s mother, immediately right of Alice), Albert Ling (Alice’s brother, above Hannah) and Lizzie Ling (Alice’s sister, behind, in between William and Alice). The fathers of both the bride and groom had passed away by the time of the marriage.