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Holiday in Cornwall

We spent a week or so touring Cornwall, the sunniest and warmest part of England. You can read about it here. It’s a very beautiful county, real picture-postcard stuff. Good beaches and lots of fishing villages. This is Polperro today. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Xinia

It was my wife’s birthday and I took advantage of the occasion to experiment with my new camera. It was recommended by my official adviser on all matters technical (Mr ChiriquiChatter) and I must say I was really impressed with … Continue reading

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I updated the post on the jeweller’s shop

I found a letter that the owner sent to Mum after my first few weeks in the shop. You can read it here.

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Holidays camps were another interesting element of life in post-War Britain. I don’t know whether they are uniquely British but they could be. They rapidly became popular with holidaymakers on a limited budget, especially families. A sort of “todo incluido” … Continue reading

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Some early photos of Mum

“You must have been a beautiful baby, ‘cos baby look at you now!” I can hear her now singing that song. In the school nativity play (the angel kneeling on the left) The 20s look for a 20s girl. Not … Continue reading

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That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for women…

I started writing a long entry on the post-war period but I’m buried under piles of work. So I thought I’d use part of the text for a short item. The introduction of the birth control pill is always held … Continue reading

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The Searchers

From a very early age, one of the biggest treats in my life was going to the pictures (cinema). In those days, going to the movies was a real “outing.” You have to remember that TV was in its infancy. … Continue reading

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PS to hatter madness

After reading the post about Bermondsey industries, a friend sent me this additional information: “These days we associate mad as a hatter with a bit of whimsy in Lewis Carroll‘s famous children’s book Alice in Wonderland of 1865. Carroll didn’t … Continue reading

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Newly arrived from Cyberspace…

I think my girls are starting to get worried about the kind of pics their dad is posting on the blog… These are some recent photos of Bethany.

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Just so she doesn’t feel left out…

This is Charlotte holding Nina, my other grandchild.

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