Holiday in Cornwall

We spent a week or so touring Cornwall, the sunniest and warmest part of England. You can read about it here. It’s a very beautiful county, real picture-postcard stuff. Good beaches and lots of fishing villages.

This is Polperro today.

This Adonis is me. I was always skinny but I have a hunch this may have been shortly after I completed my year-long sojourn in hospital.

We visited Tintagel Castle, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur.  This is a recent picture of the area.

In Mevagissey, we went fishing.

This is how the port looks today.

Finally, we went to Land’s End. This is the most southwesterly tip of England. A must-see for tourists. I read there is now a theme park at the site. That sent shudders down my spine…

You can almost see Costa Rica and Panama in the distance…

During the holiday, we bought this skull cap and covered it with badges and ribbons of all the places we visited. More family heirlooms will be appearing on the blog in the future…

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3 Responses to Holiday in Cornwall

  1. Hi Peter:

    “You can almost see Costa Rica and Panama in the distance…”

    Great post. I enjoyed the pictures. I love European castles.

    I could see the roof of my house behind the horizon. 🙂



  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Omar. One year, we spent a week touring the castles of Wales. I must ask Mum if she has pics; I don’t.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I can keep up this rate of posting. It takes me quite a while to put it all together. I do enjoy it, though.

  3. Alan Worrow says:

    Peter, we went on holiday to Cornwall in 1960.

    It was the first time I’d been out of southeast England, so my first acquaintance with rugged landscapes (apart from sea cliffs). I was captivated by the Devon and Cornwall scenery.

    We stayed on a farm near Boscastle in north Cornwall, and did trips out every day. The farmer and his wife, the Harrises, had a large bungalow, and during the season let their rooms and slept in the attic.

    We went fishing at Mevagissey, too! Out from the harbour in a small boat. The fisherman put out half-a-dozen or so lines and the mackerel bit. He let me pull the fish in, a great thrill for a ten-year-old. When the bottom of the boat was covered in fish we went back to harbour, where we bought enough fish to feed ourselves and the Harrises.

    A good day for all – we had a grand day out, the fisherman would have been at sea anyway but was paid to do so and sold some of his catch into the bargain, and we and our hosts got to eat fresh fish for our tea.

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