Mum and “the girls”

I believe these are the girls Mum worked with at the time of her marriage.

I have been trying to decide if there is a barrage balloon in the sky behind Mum.

And this is the telegram the girls sent the happy couple.

This is a colorized photo of Mum around the same time.

And a photo taken the week of the wedding.

Dad then spent three years in the Army. Fortunately, he never left England. He drove a radar lorry. When the War ended he was offered officer training if he stayed on (he had made the rank of staff sergeant). But he preferred to be “demobbed.”

Tomorrow is Mum’s birthday.

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4 Responses to Mum and “the girls”

  1. Hi Peter:

    Your parents are very nice looking. They look like Hollywood stars to me.

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. Leaver tomorrow.

    P.S. The globe on the back looks like a zeppelin.



  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Omar. Yes, they made a stunning-looking couple. Mum always says it was his eyes that first got her attention.

  3. lolo says:

    Peter, I am amazed by your blog and how volubile your are! Are you sure that you don’t have a French background somehow?
    It is such an hommage to your parents,a good reconstruction of the history of your family. Great stuff! Too bad I don’t have the time to come more often,it is like a delicious snack to come here and learn about so many things.

  4. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Lolo. I have always liked to write. I just wish I had more time to devote to the blog. This year I have posted very little.

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