Sunrise, sunset…

My friend Zac sent these gorgeous photos, taken on his journey northwards. He has put in briefly to the Azores, La Coruña, Spain, and Weymouth, England. He is now on his way to Copenhagen.

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4 Responses to Sunrise, sunset…

  1. Hi Peter:

    What a gratifying experience to all by yourself in the middle of nowhere, just surrounded by water and sky.

    Great post!


  2. thebarrowboy says:

    My thoughts exactly, Omar. It’s hard to imagine anything more completely opposite to the modern life we lead.

  3. Alan Worrow says:

    I have one of those sunsets for my desktop wallpaper.

  4. thebarrowboy says:

    I said to Zac, we must love them ‘cos of the sort of life we lead, makes us realize what we’re missing.

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