Poor weather and mechanical problems

Having done what I regard as the the “hard part” (crossing the Atlantic) without any problems, Zac is finding it more difficult to reach the boat’s final destination, Copenhagen. He has been forced to put into port in Germany to fix a pump for the second time.  The weather doesn’t look good for this time of year, either.

I feel dizzy Just looking at the photo

Plenty of shipping in the English Channel, naturally enough.

A wind farm in the North Sea

And a platform – or a kraken awakening?

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2 Responses to Poor weather and mechanical problems

  1. Hi Peter:

    Nice pictures. I enjoyed the picture of the wind farm in the ocean. I’ve been researching this topic and looks very promising as the price of oil reaches unprecedented levels.



  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Omar.

    Wind farms are quite a big issue in the UK at the moment. Some environmentalists are against them but we have to get our energy from SOMEWHERE. The government seems to want a slew of nuclear plants, which I find much more worrying.
    Check out this link from last week

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