As a former smoker, I find the new laws in Britain quite draconian. This morning I read this item on Sky News.

“Gordon Williams of Llanafan, west Wales, was on a shopping trip when he was pulled over by council officials carrying out vehicle safety checks.  The 58-year-old was handed a £30 on-the-spot fine under new anti-smoking laws that ban lighting-up in the work place. A furious Mr Williams has hit out at the fine, claiming his van is a private vehicle and not his place of work. “I am dumb-founded. The van is only insured for private use. It’s not my place of work – I decorate houses not vans,” he said. “I don’t use it for work so I can’t see how they can do me for smoking in the workplace.” He added: “I was just having a cigarette and causing no bother to anyone else. But this is like Big Brother is watching you.””