I arrived okay but have been having problems getting the laptop and the Internet connection up and running.

The trip went quite smoothly. Delta and Atlanta airport were both the best experiences I’ve had flying thru the US in recent years. I got thru customs and immigration quite quickly.

Surprisingly, the flight to London was half empty. Nonetheless, another flight to London left only an hour later. Arriving at Gatwick was also a much better experience. The airport is smaller and I was off the plane and finished with the formalities very quickly.

I shall need a few days to recover and acclimatize. Then it will be back to the grindstone.

These photos are of the dawn as we approached England. They are not in quite the same league as Zac’s pics from the boat…

Crossing the Irish Sea, this plane overtook us like a rocket.

Soon after arriving,  I stumbled into Narnia, although I don’t remember passing thru the wardrobe. If you look carefully, you’ll see the fox at the base of the lamp post waiting expectantly for the arrival of sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. Other creatures can be seen emerging from the wood behind.

Actually, this lamp post in Mum and Dad’s garden is an old gas lamp from Bermondsey that they bought when the local council removed them from the streets. A little piece of history literally in the back yard.