This is the best time of year to see Mum’s garden in its full glory. Despite her age, she works very hard to make it look beautiful in the summer. We also had a lovely sunny day. The weather has certainly improved since I arrived. Finally, it seems there may be several weeks of summer weather.

On the downside, I had a very stressful day with the ISP. I have had similar experiences trying to get tech support in CR and Panama but if you think the service is better in this part of the First World, think again. It is more complicated and all customer service is done over the phone. They have no shops or offices where you can seek assistance. The whole ordeal must have taken three hours, with a majority of the time spent on “hold”!

I hope the service will now run without problems.

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3 Responses to Greenacres

  1. Wow! What a beautiful garden. Your mother is certainly a dedicated gardener. Plus all the small statues and accessories add to the charm of the garden.

    I’ll bet it’s a nice place to read in solitude.



  2. Don Ray says:

    I am impressed!!

  3. thebarrowboy says:

    It all looks very idyllic. Unfortunately, the road in front of the house now has a constant stream of traffic. When I was here in 2003, we spent some time away, at a farmhouse in the country. We were miles away from the main road but there was a constant “hum” of traffic in the background. It’s one of the things I find most noticeable here now – there is no escape from the noise of vehicles. The always tenuous sunlight also seems to be accentuated by pollution (that is my non-expert opinion).

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