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Brass rubbing

I came across this photo in the Old Olavian magazine for January 1965. I am doing a brass rubbing. Brass rubbing is a very British pastime. You can read more about it here. I believe the photo was taken in … Continue reading

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The workhouse and more Bermondsey life

The past few days the word “workhouse” seems to have been popping up in conversations with different people. Most people today know little about an institution that struck fear into the hearts of Britain’s poor and infirm, especially during the … Continue reading

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Follow-up to pie and mash post

I received an email from this website informing me that my historical info on pie and mash is “completely inaccurate.” I have no way of knowing the truth of the matter but the info on this new page is very … Continue reading

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Vosotros españoles seréis pronto americanos

I remembered the Spanish phrase when I read this news item. Back in the ’60s, Vespas were the height of cool as far as Mods in England were concerned (read about them here). In Spain, which was still a relatively … Continue reading

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Costa Rica

Last week I saw some old friends from Costa Rica for the first time in 20 years. That made me realize that at some point this year I will have spent more time living abroad than in the UK. I … Continue reading

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Another day in London

I spent another day in London on Saturday with another old schoolfriend, Mike, who also fitted into the “barrow boy” category. We went to see the old school building and took some photos. This is the corner of Tooley St … Continue reading

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At last, some photos of the Leavers

Old photos of Dad’s family are in short supply. Two of my aunts came to visit and brought a few. More are in the pipeline. During their visit, my aunts Jean and Audrey told me about the four years they … Continue reading

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How utterly, splendidly ripping

“Enid Blyton has been voted Britain’s best-loved writer.” A must-read article for some members of my tribe. Ms. Blyton was certainly responsible for my early love of reading.

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The UK’s water footprint

This was astonishing news to me. “Each Briton uses 4,645 litres a day when hidden factors are included,” according to today’s Guardian. Well worth a read here.

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The future of the Tooley St. building

Stogs building circa 1970 (the school moved to Orpington over the 1967 Christmas holidays). Article published in the printed edition of Southwark News “Planning permission has been granted for developer Berkeley Homes to convert the historic Lambeth College buidling on … Continue reading

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