Mum has a really soft heart and wants to adopt all the neighborhood animals.  These are pictures of one of the visitors she feeds every day.

Foxes moved into the cities from the countryside a long time ago. Most people just want them killed, so if the neighbors discover Mum feeds them she’ll have problems. You can see that this female is in poor shape. She has cubs to feed also.

Orpington used to be a typical suburban bastion of the middle class. Most residents were professionals and the local MP has traditionally been Conservative. The middle-class residents who remain are commuters. You don’t see them in the streets, except in their cars. Presumably they shop elsewhere. The High Street (where the shops are located) is always full of a bizarre mix of very elderly people and (white) girls pushing baby buggies. In a country where abortion is available on demand, no questions asked, the accepted wisdom is that they have babies because the government is obliged to find them somewhere to live and, if necessary pay for the  house or apartment in question. They also receive other financial benefits for having children.