Hot off the press

The ultimate indignity

The local council has given permission for the old St. Olave’s building in Tooley St. to be converted into a boutique hotel. It is a prime site that developers have been after for years. More details to follow…

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3 Responses to Hot off the press

  1. David says:

    I have found the comments and debate about STOGS very useful. As a vulnerable child, I suffered greatly at the hands of the Oaf and I’m afraid that many of the problems (and benefits, including a passionate opposition to children being hit) in my life have resulted from the merciless sadist that he was. Interestingly, I returned to the Tooley Street building in 2006, when there was an avant garde video show put on by artist Bill Viola. I went along to look round the school. The video projections took place in the main hall, the gym and the school library and all was in darkness. I was amazed how little had changed and how, for me, ghosts lurked in every shadow. I walked past the staff room towards the door to the Oaf’s study and stood outside for a few moments. Despite being aged 55, I felt my heart beating faster for a couple of seconds.

    Can anyone tell me something about Oaf’s demise? I left in 1968 and heard only rumours.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi. I do have some info about his demise. I’ll write to your email address.

  3. thebarrowboy says:

    My email to the address you posted bounced back. If you post a correct one, I’ll re-send the message.

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