Pink’s Jam and Pickle Factory

I copied these photos at Southwark History Library. They were taken in 1935 when the Pink’s Factory was demolished to make way for Dunkirk House and Crayford House (and perhaps more of the blocks of flats that are still there – Otford, Lenham, Eastwell). Mum remembers when this happened but we had trouble identifying the direction in which the photographer was looking (Long Lane <> Tabard St. or Staple St. <> Weston St.).

I found an interesting reference to Pink’s on the Winning Equal Pay section of the Union History website.

“In the summer of 1911, 15,000 women in Bermondsey, South London came out on strike against low wages and bad working conditions in the district. Thirty firms, including a number of jam and biscuit factories, were affected by the strike. The National Federation of Women Workers moved all available staff into the area to help organise the women and the Women’s Trade Union League launched a financial appeal. Many concessions were obtained and at Pinks’ jam factory, the wage rose from 9 to 11 shillings per week.”

This is a photo of the strikers.

I don’t know whether any family members worked at Pinks’. At some point, my great-grandmother Elizabeth Bladon worked at the Hartley’s factory just off Tower Bridge Road.

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