More photos of Ethel and her family

I have been scanning an album of very old photos. They are all members of Ethel’s family but we can’t put names to many of the faces. I intend to post them anyway; they are evocative historical documents if nothing else and others may eventually may find links to their relatives. Two other photo albums have not survived.

These photos are of Ethel and her immediate family. The first is of Ethel with her mother Emma Lockyer,  father John Morris and older sister Daisy.

These two are of Ethel.

This is Daisy, who died in childbirth.

This is Emma again.

Thanks to the comment posted below, I now know that this photo is of Emma’s father, Robert Lockyer.

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2 Responses to More photos of Ethel and her family

  1. Laura Shaw says:

    I have just come across your website… and I’m finding it so interesting, Emma Lockyer would have been my gg aunt, sister of William Lockyer, my great grandfather. I also have a copy of this last photograph but we have written on the back Robert Lockyer, which is Emma’s father. This could explain why you think it looks so old fashioned!! I also have lots more information about William, his family and his time as Mayor, etc… I will be happy to share, please e-mail me if you’re interested –

    Many Thanks, Laura Shaw
    Information on William Lockyer

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Laura.

    I have emailed you and am very interested in the information you have.

    Best regards,


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