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A visit to Harrods

My daughter Charlotte and I decided to check out Harrods today. Mr. Al Fayed was waiting there to greet us. The dummy looked so real it was spooky. Advertisements

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Photos of Stogs from 1966

I was able to scan these photos from an old Olavian magazine. The quality isn’t great but they give a good idea of how the school looked in the 60s. This is the west wing of the building, where the … Continue reading

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Clowns gagged by red tape

Photo that appeared on the BBC website To a visitor from the Third World like myself, one of the most salient aspects of life in Britain today is the incredible amount of regulation that exists. Costa Rica has a lot … Continue reading

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The pillar box and Costa Rica

What is the unlikely connection between the pillar (post) box almost opposite Mum’s house and Costa Rica? The answer is Victorian author Anthony Trollope (see here), whose novel “The way we live now” has been a favorite of mine for … Continue reading

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In a land of dolts…

In 1966, a photo of an old document was published in the school magazine. The document contained a list of names of famous alumni, put together in the 18th century. The following text was printed underneath the photo, by way … Continue reading

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Richard Wright dead at 65

I’ve listened to a lot of Pink Floyd this year, more than usual, so I was especially saddened to see that founding member Rick Wright had died. It would be great to see the rest of the band do a … Continue reading

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Traje típico and Independence Day in Costa Rica

This is a photo of my granddaughter Laura wearing the traditional outfit of Costa Rica, which is used for folk dances and on special occasions. Tomorrow is Independence Day in Costa Rica and there will be parades and other commemorative … Continue reading

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