A visit to Harrods

My daughter Charlotte and I decided to check out Harrods today. Mr. Al Fayed was waiting there to greet us. The dummy looked so real it was spooky.

I didn’t even know the store was now Egyptian-themed.

The spectacular ceiling even changes color.

Of course, there are also the memorials to Diana and Dodi.

There are a number of special entertainments at the moment.

This singer sang Ave Maria for us, quite beautifully.

I recorded a little of her performance in this video.

The food hall was spectacular and I was impressed by the decor.

I bet it isn’t to everyone’s taste, though (no pun intended).

There are live fish swimming in the tank behind.

You may have gathered by now that fish and seafood are my favorites. I really fancied this giant crab.

Until I saw this brandy that costs 20,000 pounds.

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3 Responses to A visit to Harrods

  1. Hi Peter:

    It’s been a long time since I read one of your posts. Harrod’s is so spectacular in its displays.

    When I visited the store about twenty years ago, I didn’t want to leave; there was so much to see.

    Great post,


  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Hi, Omar. I looked for the offices you mentioned in the area but didn’t see them.

    It’s nearly time for me to go home.

  3. Texaco was purchased by Chevron, so maybe their offices were moved over to Chevron. Anyway, thanks a lot for your efforts.

    Have fun in London.


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