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“To have another language is to possess a second soul”

…so said the emperor Charlemagne. I know when I speak Spanish I slip into another mode, almost into another personality. I don’t understand the mechanics of it, but I know it to be true. I read that “to learn another … Continue reading

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More photos of Tom and Ethel

Mum thinks this photo was taken after Ethel’s sister died and the baby is Ethel’s niece, Joan. It would be around 1920. Ethel is definitely in mourning in this one but not sure for whom. She looks younger and the … Continue reading

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Levi Stubbs, lead singer of the Four Tops

“At the height of the Swinging London era one song so overpowered the UK music scene that 1966 was deemed the year of “Reach Out I’ll Be There”. The American group that unleashed the hit was the Four Tops and … Continue reading

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The 1987 hurricane

On the night of 15-16 October 1987, Britain was hit by what was effectively – if not technically – a hurricane. It is remembered as The Great Storm. The BBC says, “The storm cost a total of 18 lives and … Continue reading

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Insight into healthcare in the US

After writing about US healthcare, I read an interesting article on the subject in today’s Guardian (see here).

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Monet in La Sabana?

I was struck by this old photo of the lake in La Sabana, a large green area in the center of San José that at one time served as the country’s main airport. No idea when it was taken but … Continue reading

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Has Obama’s Presidency already been overtaken by events?

When George W. Bush leaves office, most people outside the U.S. will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Like most non-Americans, I’m praying that Obama gets elected. Obama has definitely struck a chord (or touched a nerve, depending on your … Continue reading

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