now I just need to find the time to blog.

I took the early flight out of San Jose to Golfito, down the Pacific coast towards the border with Panama. It was an overcast morning – it has been raining torrentially every afternoon and evening – but I took these photos anyway. Due to the absence of sunlight, the photos don’t do the scenery justice. The 14-seater aircraft flies over my favorite slice of Costa Rica, an area that (thankfully) remains largely undeveloped.

The plane first has to leave the Central Valley of Costa Rica, flying over the volcanic mountains that separate it from the coast.

The ocean soon comes into view. Humpback whales come here to mate in the dry season.

It’s impossible to make it out because of the trees but this is my favorite beach – Playa Ballena. It is inside a national park encompassing both land and sea. As many as 50 species of birds nest on the large rock in the sea (Isla Ballena). The small ones are known as the Three Sisters.

Here we are approaching the airstrip in Golfito. The small town threads its way along the coast for a few kilometers. Sometimes you feel as if the hills are going to fall on top of you; landslides do, in fact, occur. The town was built and maintained by the United Fruit Company for nearly 50 years. It’s a long way from Harrods…

There was even a reception committee waiting for me when I arrived…