Long Lane

Southwark History Library is a real Aladdin’s cave, full of local records and photographs. I was sorry not to have been able to spend more time there during my stay (it closed temporarily) but hope to do so on my next visit.

I photocopied some photos and then scanned the photocopies, so the quality isn’t that great. But for anyone raised in the area these photos are interesting and the more recent ones evoke a lot of memories.

This first picture is of the corner of Long Lane and Staple St. in 1900. I must have walked around the corner hundreds of times. Many of the shops were still there in my childhood (for some reason I especially remember the oil shop). I’m not sure why the buildings are decked with flags.

This is the same corner in 1970. Most of the shops are boarded up.

This is the same corner today. Amazingly, the tree survived (though nothing else did).

Further along Long Lane, past the flats where I was born, the street used to look like this. A friend reminded me of the bagwash (a laundry that washed clothes without drying or pressing them); I had forgotten it.

The Ship public house was just along the street. This photo is of the party held there on VE Day. There must be neighbors in the photo.

This is another VE Day party in Long Lane. I can’t figure out where it might be.

Many of the people in these photos must still be alive today.

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One Response to Long Lane

  1. John Heyland says:

    If I had a £1 for every time I drove through NG Lane I would be very wealthy. I worked in the Borough Market.

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