An old photo of The York

Today I received an old photo of the outside of The York from a niece of the former landlords (or “publicans”). Not sure about the year of the photo but it does give a feel of how it was many years ago. I added the photo to a previous post with a pic of the outide of the pub as it is today. Go here.

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2 Responses to An old photo of The York

  1. pearlykingjim says:

    Good choice of name me old china
    Please allow me to introduce myself
    My name is Jimmy Jukes better known as Pearlykingjim
    the Genuine Pearly King of Camberwell and from 11/11/08
    Pearly King of Bermondsey, the title of Camberwell has been in my Family for Donkeys years, and the Bermondsey title laid dormant for years.and being a resident of Bermondsey felt it was only right to keep it alive, before our Cockney culture goes out of the window for good.
    The reason for the first remark of the post is, im part of The Barrow Boys genuine Cockney Entertainers,
    If anyone reading this post as got any old Hopping photos, i would like to put them on my website, and let the younger generation know what it was like in the good old days,you can contact me by E-mail, hope to hear from you all soon.
    anyway All the Best of cockney Luck
    from Pearlykingjim

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Jimmy. I’ll do a post with your links included.

    All the best,


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