Finally, a break in the weather and a break from work

Yesterday was the first time I had been able to get out and relax since I got home nearly a month ago. The weather wasn’t great but at least it wasn’t raining. We love the beach and that’s where we headed. The only one to our liking is nearly 90 minutes away by car and we were able to get there by about 10:30. The day was overcast but not, of course, cold. I took some photos but had to keep cleaning the camera lens because it misted up every few seconds. As a result, some of the photos came out quite blurred.

Las Lajas is a fairly quiet, unspoilt beach, which is how we like them. Unfortunately, the first thing I saw on the beach was this large dead bird. I haven’t identified the species yet, can’t find my bird book.

The beach is long, so it is possible to get away from the inevitable ghetto blasters.

There was a storm out to sea.

After all the storms we have been having, there is plenty of debris on the beach.

My wife spent her early years on a beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, so is familiar with the local fauna and flora. She informed me that these were mangrove seeds from old (i.e., large) trees. I had seen small ones but never this large. (You can a small one, with shoot and leaves, here on Wiki). Attached to the seed on the rights are “baby” white shells.

There were lots of “baby” shells attached to twigs on the beach.

There were quite a few birds about.

This one seemed to be sick and unable to fly.

There were a pair of tucans but not how I like to see them.

Some wading birds.

A local fisherman had left nets to trap shellfish and whatever else the tide left behind.

There were two pairs of these birds of prey.

These were quite nervous, they took off as soon as I tried to get near them.

The light kept changing and made it interesting.

It wasn’t one of the sunny days at the beach we are used to, but we still managed to get sunburnt. Just because it is cloudy, it doesn’t mean the sun’s rays are not strong. We all enjoyed our day out; inevitably, we rain into heavy rain before we got home.

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