Christmas movies and other goodies for the festive season

I enjoy watching and listening to a number of personal favorites over the Christmas and New Year period. For the past several years we have managed a Lord of the Rings marathon of the extended versions of the three movies. Be warned: have plenty of food and drink on hand and start early or you’ll wilt before the end!

My favorite Christmas movie is the Bishop’s Wife. Not all that well known today but an Oscar winner in its day. I place it ahead of other classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn and White Christmas.


The British short The Snowman (introduced by David Bowie!) is a delight. The Bear and Father Christmas, also based on Raymond Briggs’ stories, are excellent too.


Being British, I have a very soft spot for A Christmas Carol and don’t think the Alistair Sim version has ever been bettered.


Christmas Creature Comforts (CC are from the same stable as Wallace and Gromit) are a lot of fun. W&G are having their own brand new Christmas story on the BBC this year, so I certainly hope to get to watch that.

c-comforts1Other stuff on the box I hope to get to see are the Doctor Who special and a new version of The 39 Steps. I have been a sucker for John Buchan’s stories since I was kid. I do hope the new version comes up to scratch…

For my listening pleasure I have a number of John Peel Christmas two-hour radio shows and the double CD The Best Christmas Album in the World.

I only hope I have enough time to enjoy all these goodies.

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