No, I don’t have it (although it’s not uncommon during the rainy season).

Recently I saw an edition of Later with Jools Holland on which the group Dengue Fever appeared. I find the program interesting, as it often features artists I’m not familiar with. Wiki describes Dengue Fever as “a six-member band from Los Angeles who combine Cambodian pop music and lyrics with psychedelic rock.” Their sound immediately got my attention. It has something of the B52s, I think. What makes it so different – dare I say, unique – is the Cambodian pop influence. I have now listened to all three of their albums and I’m hooked.


This is the second album, which I think I like best. According to Wiki (and there is plenty more about them on the Net – YouTube has videos and related materials), when the guys were looking for someone who sang in Khmer, they found karaoke fan Chhom Nimol.