I updated a couple of posts

with some new photos/images. Go here and here to see them.

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4 Responses to I updated a couple of posts

  1. Elaine Jones says:

    I am always looking at the website just to see if any further information is posted. Thank you

  2. Elaine Jones says:

    I was born in Hoxton and still feel a great affinity for the place. I remember the Mission well. Look forward to hearing any snippets of information.

    Thank you

  3. thebarrowboy says:

    You’re most welcome, Elaine. My life has been quite frantic for the past year, so I haven’t been able to work on the blog.

  4. Pauline Harrington says:

    Pauline Harrington ; my mother was born in Hoxton 1921 Mary Elliott – her mother was Jane woods they lived in charles square ,which was bombed in the wartime , she tells me she went to Daddy Burts as a child , she is still with us and is 98 ,Her mother was related to music Hall singer Marie lloyd – Cousin anyone out there would know the family ,many thanks .

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