More photos of Stogs

I took these photos at Southwark History Library.  The quality is poor because I couldn’t master the flash in my camera under the library’s fluoresecent lights.

This looks to be from around the turn of the [20th] century, when the Tooley St. building was quite new.


This photo was taken in 1929. The building closest to the camera is the one that was demolished recently.


I could have been at the school when this one was taken.


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3 Responses to More photos of Stogs

  1. David says:

    Sorry – I left a comment earlier. I have just realised that I left the underline out of my e-mail address. Thanks for saying you would let me know of the Oaf’s demise.

    Reading the comments has been really helpful. I have no contact with other Olavians nowadays and it is good to hear that others had similar experiences to my own!

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    I’ll write to you at once.

  3. thebarrowboy says:

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for this – it is good to hear that the baxxxrd was humiliated at the end. I did hear one story that he had tried to cane Hawkins, but that may have been an exaggeration!

    Interestingly, I was working for a housing association in Great Peter Street in Victoria in 1988/89, and I spotted the said toadie J.R. Hawkins a couple of times. He was looking very frail and was (I think) clearly near the end of his life. He was wandering the streets, looking quite confused. I don”t remember having any contact with Hawkins during my time at STOGS – just remember him taking assembly once or twice a week.

    I was astonished at how the building got to me when I visited in 2006 – in part because of the darkness and shadows. Standing outside the Oaf’s study on the balcony, there was a brief moment when the child within me expected the door to open and see that familiar sneering face with those mean thin lips, the comically receding hairline and that unmistakable voice dripping with contempt. It was a strange experience. Damn his soul to hell!

    Thanks again – it is good to celebrate the demise of such an evil man. Feel free to post this if you wish!


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