As I had hoped, posting old family photos on the blog has yielded some fruit. I was contacted by a distant relative who has a lot of information about the Lockyers. Ethel’s mother Emma was born a Lockyer (in 1861), the eldest of 13 children. William Lockyer (b. 1875) was one of her younger brothers and Mum remembers him and his wife Alice (Ling) well. She used to visit their house in Kennington. William was subsequently elected Mayor of Lambeth (to see old photos of him kept in the Council’s archive, go here and search under Lockyer, William).

In 1943, William was interviewed by the Brixton Free Press and recounted some of his family’s history. His said his mother Maria’s maiden name was Mayell and that her family had resided on Snow Hill (City of London) since just after the Great Fire of London. A branch of the family settled in Bath and one member was elected mayor of that city.

William’s father “was a skilled mechanic and employed by the East India Company. He did 15 years of Army service in India and was in action at the time of the Mutiny.”

I shall post any more information I receive about the Lockyers and update earlier posts with any relevant details. I already updated the post containing Will Lockyer’s wedding photo with new information.