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Two British black-and-white movie gems

I was too young to see these films at the cinema when they were first released and don’t remember ever having seen them until now. The reviews I read on Cinebeats piqued my interest and I was not disappointed. Advertisements

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The Misteri d’Elx

I spent the summer of 1967 in Spain on an ILEA scholarship. I was in Alicante in August and had the opportunity to attend the Misteri d´Elx, a medieval mystery play that takes place every year on 14-15 August in … Continue reading

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The “pity of war”

I had the opportunity to watch a BBC Four documentary about Wilfred Owen, the First World War poet. I first came into contact with his poetry at school. It became very popular in the 1960s on account of the Vietnam … Continue reading

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Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards

Every so often, I read of some long-dead and forgotten author who has been re-discovered. I’m not sure why some writers survive in the culture and others do not; it is not simply a question of the quality of their … Continue reading

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When children had less rights than animals

The BBC has an interesting article today about the development of child protection and welfare. It is quite a sobering story. You can read it here.

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Another interesting website

My friend Alan sent me this link to a site full of information about the River Thames and London’s docks. It contains plenty of history – text, photos and even videos. “You showed me nutmegs and nutmeg husks, Ostrich feathers … Continue reading

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Panama’s new cabinet

I read in this morning’s paper that most of the ministers appointed by the incoming President are career politicians who served in previous administrations. Nothing new there, then. The man chosen to head the “get-tough-on-crime” campaign as Chief of Police … Continue reading

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