Old postcards from Spain

Old schoolfriend Alan lent me some postcards he picked up during the school trips to Spain in the mid-60s. On my second trip, in 1966, we flew from Heathrow to Gibraltar. It was the first time I had flown; back then it was not something working-class people did. I don’t think my grandparents ever got on a plane.

This postcard shows the type of plane we travelled on.

From Gibraltar, we travelled by train to Córdoba. This next picture is of the main square, la Plaza de las Tendillas, as it was then.

It hasn’t changed all that much today, although it is vehicle-free.

It’s a beautiful little city with a great big history. I have a lot more postcards to post.

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4 Responses to Old postcards from Spain

  1. Alan Worrow says:

    A real nostalgia trip here, Peter.

    I remember going in and out of Gibraltar airport, where the runway is on the edge of the sea at both ends, and the rock is a few hundred metres to one side.

    The aeroplane in the livery of British European Airways, absorbed into British Airways in 1974. There’s a budget airline called Flybe; it started in 1979 as Jersey European and for a couple of years at the beginning of this century styled itself British European.

    I’d forgotten the name of the big square in Córdoba; many memories of social life revolving around there.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    That runway was scary! I’ll never forget watching the plane eat it up all too quickly and wondering whether we would actually take off or fall into the sea!

  3. “Old postcards from Spain The Barrow Boy” really makes me personally imagine a somewhat further.
    I actually admired each and every particular piece of this blog post.
    Regards -Linda

  4. thebarrowboy says:

    Thank you, Linda. Glad you enjoyed it. Peter

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