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Founders’ Day at Stogs 4

After visiting the old building, everyone strolled up Tooley St. to Southwark Cathedral, where the Founders’ Day commemoration service has traditionally been held. It is a gorgeous building whose beauty can barely be appreciated from the ground because of the … Continue reading

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Founders’ Day at Stogs 3

These are some more photos of the old building as it is today. The top floor was used for science subjects. This room is still known as the lecture room. It used to have college-style tiered seating. Behind the seating … Continue reading

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The Olavian Magazine – February 1964

The old school magazines give a real sense of the school as it was in the 1960s. This is the oldest one I have been able to scan. I have had to upload the images in quite a large size … Continue reading

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Founders’ Day at Stogs 2

The exterior of the old school building has been allowed to deteriorate. I imagine that the developers will be undertaking some major restoration work. The main hall is bare but the wood paneling is intact. The arch on the balcony … Continue reading

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Founders’ Day at Stogs

The developers of the old school in Tooley St. allowed a group of pupils and old boys to look around the place before significant changes are made. The exterior has deteriorated considerably but presumably will be restored. The only part … Continue reading

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