Founders’ Day at Stogs

The developers of the old school in Tooley St. allowed a group of pupils and old boys to look around the place before significant changes are made. The exterior has deteriorated considerably but presumably will be restored. The only part of the interior that will be retained in its present state is the wood-paneled hall, with the classrooms being turned into hotel rooms or suites.

It was a cold but sunny day. Tower Bridge looked its usual splendid self.The Tower of London is undergoing some sort of restoration work.

The erstwhile school playground (at the back of the building and bordering on what is now an open public space), is being prepared for the construction of a block of apartments. The flats will block the view of the river from the school building. The purchasers will no doubt pay premium prices for a view of Tower Bridge and the Tower.

The work on the east end of the site (adjoining Tower Bridge Road) does not seem to have progressed since last year. The building that stood there (containing the art room and form classrooms) was demolished – to make way for a car park, perhaps?

This photo – looking west from the approach to Tower Bridge – shows more clearly the site of the new apartment block. The fives’ courts used to stand in the lower left foreground. City Hall can be seen to the right. Mark Brown’s wharf stood to the right of the building site.This photo was taken from inside the building, looking north to the river.My next post will include shots of the inside of the school.

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