Photo of London Bridge and the Thames

My friend Alan directed me to this photo, which dates from 1920. It was originally posted here, in a larger size. Tower Bridge is just off the bottom of the picture. The large number of barges is something that I remember. It was possible to board them, and even go down inside them. The roofs of all the warehouses behind the wharves are clearly visible. The Pool was still “London’s Larder” at that time.

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2 Responses to Photo of London Bridge and the Thames

  1. Matrin says:

    Does this photo include the area where Vine Street Buildings once stood or still does stand.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    I found this comment on another site

    “Vine Street was located right at the foot of the Tower Bridge, just to to west of it. I had folk at 181 Tooley Street, bounded on the right by Potters Fields and St Olaves Grammar School. It is now the site of a park, right opposite Parish Street. Vine Street buildings were situated between Vine and Potters Fields, and between Tooley Street and the river.”

    The poster says he/she has a photo. Check it out and maybe contact the poster.

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