The Olavian Magazine – July 1964

This is another school magazine loaned to me by my friend Alan.  I wish I had more time to upload them, as they contain some real gems. The article on computers and the report on the school trip to Spain particularly caught my eye. The following Easter I would make my first trip to Spain and fall in love with Andalusia.

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2 Responses to The Olavian Magazine – July 1964

  1. Alan Worrow says:

    Peter, reading the account of the school trip 1964 brought back some memories.

    That first morning in La Línea, as I wandered around, I passed the bullring. I looked in through the open gates. The old custodian saw me and invited me in for a tour of the premises. That was a real thrill to me, and it was also a case of in at the deep end as far as spoken Spanish went. A full on encounter with the Andalucian way of speaking the language.

    Granada – the Alhambra and Generalife seemed miraculous to me – the memories are still very vivid after all these years. I remember the incident of the orange, and if I recall correctly the culprit was a boy called Peter Bunn. One afternoon a small group of us headed up into the sierra on foot, starting behind the Generalife. We had no map, we just followed our noses and decided to turn back when we thought we ought to miss nightfall.

    I guess the highlight of the trip for me was the Mezquita of Córdoba. I wasn’t aware of the nature of Moorish architecture, so that was a fabulous first exposure. And the city itself I fell in love with.

    The rail trip from Sevilla to Cádiz: I remember that ancient carriage. It was coupled to the back of the train for our exclusive use. It was of wooden construction, had sagging seats stuffed with horsehair which gave off clouds of ancient dust as you sat down. At the back was an open platform from which to watch the world crawl slowly by.

    A marvellous adventure.

  2. thebarrowboy says:

    What wonderful memories, Alan – and what a marvelous memory. I am aware of the deep impression that my trips left but can’t remember too many of the specifics.

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