Visit to Stogs in Orpington

I was offered a chance to look around the school premises in Orpington, where I spent my last year having helped with the move from Tooley St. (the street name is a corruption of St. Olave’s). Unfortunately, it was something of a whistle-stop tour, so I couldn’t take many photos. This is the board at the entrance to the premises.

The facilities are first-rate. The music rooms, libraries, etc. are really impressive. The swimming pool is being converted (filled in) for other uses. And of course, the playing fields are more than adequate.

In the assembly hall, there are relics from the old Stogs. It was very dark and my photos contain reflections of the flash but I couldn’t resist this one.

It’s a very good likeness of the Oaf.

This is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I familiar to all Stogs boys.

This painting hangs on the wall of the school reception. It was on the cover of the brochure that my parents were given when I started at Stogs.

This monument to the old boys who died in WW2 will also be very familiar to old Olavians.

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