Back to the future

As a young man, I assumed  would spend a lot of my life in Spain. After “best laid plans” and all that, it didn’t happen. I ended up much further away from home. Well, this year unexpected things occurred and I find myself back in Spain for the first time in 38 years. And not only back in Spain but in my favorite bit of it: Andalusia.

It’s been a real homecoming for me, and my wife is also enjoying  getting in touch with her roots.  A visit to Córdoba and the Mezquita was inevitable. The Patio de los Naranjos. The Moors’ palm trees were supposedly replaced with organge trees to please the queen, Isabel la Católica.

X patio los naranjos

When I entered the main building, it took my breath away – I literally gasped.

Mezquita arches 5

Mezquita big archThis was the view from La Calahorra, the tower at the south side of the Roman bridge that is now a small but very interesting museum.

view from calahorra 3

More to follow…

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