We’ve both fallen in love with this city. I visited it when I was young but never got to know it like I have now. Like most places I have seen these past few months, it has modernized without losing its heart or its essence. Spain seems to have caught up with the rest of Europe without forfeiting many of the best things about it.

Andalusia remains spectacularly attractive, from its natural beauty to its Moorish heritage. It’s easy to understand why there are so many ex-pats living here, most of them hidden away in picture-postcard villages in the many valleys among the mountains.

The Alhambra is Spain’s No. 1 tourist attraction. We had to spend a day there but the endless stream of visitors rather took the shine off it. As in Córdoba, what the Moors left behind is far superior to what the Christians tried to put in its place.

X Alhambra leonesThe world-famous lions are back after some restoration work. This was the area reserved for the harem and their master.

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