The Tooley Street property in November 2014

The refurbishment of the main building looks to be nearing completion. The new blocks of flats have enclosed it on two sides – where the art building used to stand (to the east) and behind, blocking the view to the river.

School makeover


School makeover 2


Gap to art building

This is the east side of the building. The river is straight ahead and the flats to the right stand where the art building used to be.

Gap between flats

This photo was taken on the approach to Tower Bridge. To the right (north) is another block of flats.

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School to Shard

The view from the corner of Tooley St. and Tower Bridge Rd., looking back toward The Shard at London Bridge.

Playground apartments

The flats built on what used to be the school playground. The school is behind and the river is to the right.

City Hall in the rain

City Hall and the riverfront where the wharf used to be where my grandad worked. Always remember the big New Zealand butter sign.

City Hall Shard




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