Mum and Dad

These photos must have been taken in 1943-44. The single stripe is for the rank of lance corporal. By the end of the War, he made staff sergeant and was offered a commission to stay on, which he declined.

What strikes me most is how young and innocent they look.



One of the things that Mum has kept for years is this rattle. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered that it was made in Birmingham in 1921 by the firm of Crisford and Norris. The handle is mother of pearl and the figure is made of sterling silver (it has a hallmark). A teething ring would have gone through the loop on the top. It’s a curious item.


I found this photo of one in mint condition.


I added a drawing and photo of the Crystal Palace to this earlier post.


This is the best time of year to see Mum’s garden in its full glory. Despite her age, she works very hard to make it look beautiful in the summer. We also had a lovely sunny day. The weather has certainly improved since I arrived. Finally, it seems there may be several weeks of summer weather.

On the downside, I had a very stressful day with the ISP. I have had similar experiences trying to get tech support in CR and Panama but if you think the service is better in this part of the First World, think again. It is more complicated and all customer service is done over the phone. They have no shops or offices where you can seek assistance. The whole ordeal must have taken three hours, with a majority of the time spent on “hold”!

I hope the service will now run without problems.

I believe these are the girls Mum worked with at the time of her marriage.

I have been trying to decide if there is a barrage balloon in the sky behind Mum.

And this is the telegram the girls sent the happy couple.

This is a colorized photo of Mum around the same time.

And a photo taken the week of the wedding.

Dad then spent three years in the Army. Fortunately, he never left England. He drove a radar lorry. When the War ended he was offered officer training if he stayed on (he had made the rank of staff sergeant). But he preferred to be “demobbed.”

Tomorrow is Mum’s birthday.

“You must have been a beautiful baby, ‘cos baby look at you now!”

I can hear her now singing that song.

In the school nativity play (the angel kneeling on the left)

The 20s look for a 20s girl.

Not sure what this was. Looks like a studio portrait.

“The eyes have it”

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