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Over the years, I have been astonished by the amount of new skyscrapers being erected in Central London – not to mention their size. Huge cranes seem to be a permanent part of the landscape. These pictures in The Guardian show how the skyline will look in a matter of years.

I wonder if earlier generations would recognize it today?

An article in today’s Guardian

A must-see video from Oz

I only ever had one of these (a 1960 split-screen model like the one in the picture), and it was pretty battered at that. But these vans are icons for the 60s generation.

The BBC and The Independent have both had interesting articles on them recently, which you can read here and here, respectively.

I read an obituary of her today. As an artist she divided people but I would have loved to have seen this exhibit at the Tate Modern.

The General Election is to take place on my 60th birthday. The downside is that it is also Tony Blair’s birthday!

Today the UK government finally confirmed the date of the next General Election – May 6. Here in Britain the Prime Minister has to visit the Queen to announce his intention to dissolve Parliament and hold an election. That means that Parliament will cease all activity in a few days  and then campaigning will begin in earnest. At present, the outcome is anyone’s guess.

Tonight (while nobody is paying attention!) Parliament will likely pass a new bill that will outlaw file-sharing in the UK. There has been a lot of controversy about this bill but it will probably pass into law before Parliament rises.

My daughters christened her Melissa, the general opinion being that she is a young female (due to color and size).

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