The Leavers

My aunts brought me some more old photos. I added them, with comments, to the previous post about the Leavers.

Old photos of Dad’s family are in short supply. Two of my aunts came to visit and brought a few. More are in the pipeline.

During their visit, my aunts Jean and Audrey told me about the four years they spent as evacuees from London during World War II. Their story is straight out of Charles Dickens: unwanted children who had to endure all sorts of hardship, hunger, humiliation and attempted sexual abuse. More about that in a subsequent post.

This first photo is of Jean’s wedding. It is a photocopy that I scanned, so the quality is poor. It is also a large photo, so it’s hard to make out the detail. To the right of Jean is bridesmaid and younger sister Margaret. Audrey is next, followed (I think) by sister Joyce, then my grandmother and uncle Bonny (Margaret’s twin). Fourth from the left in the photo is another aunt, Phyllis. Dad is in the middle, at the back, and Mum is between Margaret and Audrey.