The Lalit Hotel in Tooley St.

A neighbor gave me the clipping from the Daily Mail that appears below, which I took a photo of with my phone. I hope it’s legible enough. If you can’t read it easily, click on the photo and it will be displayed in a larger size. I also entered the building last week and took a few snaps, which I’ll add, although there are better ones on the Old Boys FB page.

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40-minute film of Stogs produced in 1962

My thanks to some old Olavians for telling me about this link. The film was made to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the school’s founding. It’s especially interesting for me as I make a brief appearance, as do many of the boys from my year. A real gem.

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Photos of Hartmannsdorf (site of WWII POW camp)

Thanks to blog reader David Holder for these photos of the place where our relatives were held during WWII. He also found this newsletter ( Towards the end there are more photos and information about the camp.

“There is a photo of the headquarters building site, the stone on the site, and the plaque on the stone; and then three photos of the partially demolished railway station.”



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The ceramic poppy installation at the Tower of London

The day I went to photograph the school, my wife and I also went to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower. I will never take to the gradual conversion of The City into Manhattan.

X Tower Bridge 2

X Tower Bridge

There was a long queue of people waiting to enter the base of the Bridge to climb up and walk across it. There is now a transparent floor to allow people to look down on to the Bridge below.

Poppies 2


Poppies 1

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The Tooley Street property in November 2014

The refurbishment of the main building looks to be nearing completion. The new blocks of flats have enclosed it on two sides – where the art building used to stand (to the east) and behind, blocking the view to the river.

School makeover


School makeover 2


Gap to art building

This is the east side of the building. The river is straight ahead and the flats to the right stand where the art building used to be.

Gap between flats

This photo was taken on the approach to Tower Bridge. To the right (north) is another block of flats.

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More photos of Vélez

This street was just above oursNext street in VélezOur street in VélezThe chuch and the castle (torreón). The house was between the two.

Velez 25Velez 01

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Vélez de Benadaulla

We spent the last month of our stay in this enchanting village about 15 minutes from the coast. Though very small, it attracts a lot of tourists and the mountainous area to the north and east (La Alpujarra) is very popular with ex-pats.

Velez bestThe Moors channeled water from the mountains down through the village for their plots of land. There is still a Jardin Nazari maintained as a tourist attraction with small areas planted with herbs and trees. On the far side, the craggy rockface above the road has small caves.

The old Moorish channels begin at this point at the top of the village, where the water emerges from the hillside (the locals refer to it as the Nacimiento; in Costa Rica it would be called an ojo de agua).

Velez nacimiento XIt then runs several hundred meters through the village. The ditches and walkways were recently restored.

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