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This is the best time of year to see Mum’s garden in its full glory. Despite her age, she works very hard to make it look beautiful in the summer. We also had a lovely sunny day. The weather has … Continue reading

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London Calling

I arrived okay but have been having problems getting the laptop and the Internet connection up and running. The trip went quite smoothly. Delta and Atlanta airport were both the best experiences I’ve had flying thru the US in recent … Continue reading

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New smoking laws

As a former smoker, I find the new laws in Britain quite draconian. This morning I read this item on Sky News. “Gordon Williams of Llanafan, west Wales, was on a shopping trip when he was pulled over by council … Continue reading

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Up, up and away

Well, today my trip finally begins. When I got up, The first headline I saw on the news was about the Australian airliner that suddenly developed a hole in its side and had to make an emergency landing! Not an … Continue reading

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Dad for the first time

I can’t remember where this was taken (somewhere in CR) but I look SOOO young! And so do you, Abi.

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Poor weather and mechanical problems

Having done what I regard as the the “hard part” (crossing the Atlantic) without any problems, Zac is finding it more difficult to reach the boat’s final destination, Copenhagen. He has been forced to put into port in Germany to … Continue reading

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Alistair Cooke

I watched two BBC documentaries about Alistair Cooke that got the memory juices flowing. He is a legendary figure in Britain, not least thanks to his longevity. He died in 2004 at the age of 95, having only just announced … Continue reading

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