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A lot of early photos…

of the kids in England and then a few in Costa Rica. As much as anything, I wanted to preserve these photos by scanning, saving and uploading them. Continue viewing photos… Advertisements

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Bermondsey Street

This is St. Mary Magdalen Church, where Mum and Dad were married in October 1942. It stands at the southern end of Bermondsey St., near the junction with Long Lane. It is the oldest building in Bermondsey (or at least … Continue reading

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Alea iacta est

That is what Julius Caesar is supposed to have said when he crossed the Rubicon (a pivotal moment in the history of western civilization). If I had known the phrase, I might well have uttered it myself the first day … Continue reading

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The wheels of life

A friend sent me this today. No idea who came up with it but it really tickled me. I don’t have many more wheels to go…

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Three generations

This is a photo of me holding eldest daughter Abi (1973) And this is my daughter Natalie holding Abi’s daughter Laura (1996)

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Pie, mash and liquor

One of the newspapers I like to read on the Web is The Guardian. Today I came across a blog entry about pie and mash. I’ve mentioned this subject before but I was always intending to write a more detailed … Continue reading

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Emma, Ethel and Daisy Morris

These are some nice pics of my great-grandmother Emma, grandmother Ethel and great-aunt Daisy. Not sure of the year. The dress should give some idea. Around 1890, perhaps? Ethel as a toddler. 1894, perhaps? Ethel as a young woman. Love … Continue reading

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