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Interesting background to historical events

I read an article in today’s Independent entitled Napoleon’s piles: How footnotes changed history. It’s about a new book. The section that caught my eye was this one: Tea breaks made a nation A Cambridge professor put forward a theory … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

2008 was quite a year, but mainly for the wrong reasons. Let’s hope 2009 brings some positive developments.

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Pictures of children in London

The kids in this photo are hoping to collect lumps of coal falling off the backs of lorries, during the General Strike of 1926 (in which Tom took part). The workers were defeated in the strike and their conditions worsened. … Continue reading

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Keka turns 18

Yet another milestone. My daughter Angelica turned 18 yesterday. In the evening, some of her friends turned up to serenade her. Most of them are studying music and have a preference for jazz-rock (which they refer to simply as fusión), … Continue reading

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An unusual shot of a Routemaster bus

This photo was taken at Millwall Dock in the 1960s. The bus being loaded on to the ship is a Routemaster, one of the most iconic sights to be seen in post-War London. Wiki has a very extensive entry on … Continue reading

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I added a photo to my original Pie and Mash post

You can see it here.

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More photos of Stogs

I took these photos at Southwark History Library.  The quality is poor because I couldn’t master the flash in my camera under the library’s fluoresecent lights. This looks to be from around the turn of the [20th] century, when the … Continue reading

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