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Ethel’s relatives

Ethel kept these portraits in a separate album. We have only identified a few of the people. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to discover which ones belonged to other branches of the family besides Morris and Lockyer. … Continue reading

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Farewell to Dubya

A few weeks ago, British historian Simon Schama wrote an interesting article in The Guardian on the Bush legacy. “The last eight years have been so rich in epic imperial hubris that it would take a reborn Gibbon to do … Continue reading

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Mum’s rattle

One of the things that Mum has kept for years is this rattle. Thanks to the Internet, I discovered that it was made in Birmingham in 1921 by the firm of Crisford and Norris. The handle is mother of pearl … Continue reading

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JFK in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican newspaper published an article yesterday about old photographs related to the country taken by contributors to Life magazine, a famous (now extinct) American publication that focused on photojournalism. I used to enjoy reading it in the 60s. … Continue reading

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Floods in Boquete

For nearly a week, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama has been taking a pounding from the weather. Thousands of people have lost their homes and had to be evacuated. The road from David to the Caribbean is … Continue reading

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Panamanian trajes típicos

This month Panama is celebrating its independence. There are three independence days, all public holidays (it’s a long story).  There are lots of parades and other activities. Many women and girls don the traditional dress, which is a real work … Continue reading

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Arthur’s latest creation

My friend Arthur (he of the fantastic LOTR tattoo) has been busy in his workshop of late. The photo is of one of his most recent creations (in oak). It isn’t finished yet but already looks a work of art. … Continue reading

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